Selecting a paint color can be a tough nut to crack – especially when it comes to white! The plethora of whites available these days is mind-boggling to say the least. You’d think a white is a white is a white right? Errr….no ….not exactly. Let me just start by saying that I’ve learnt it the hard way that there IS a difference and yes it DOES matter! So today I bring to you my no-fail, the absolute best, Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors – these are truly no-fail so you don’t need to worry – I’ve done the work for you already 🙂

Benjamin Moore UAE is one of my go-to paint companies here in Dubai and I have used their paint extensively – for my own home as well as for my clients.

Benjamin Moore paints have outstanding paint quality, an unbelievable range of colors and an impressive array of formulations to choose from – matt, semi-gloss, zero VOC, washable etc. depending on what finish you want to go for. If you’d like some more info, you can read more about Benjamin Moore Paints here.

While this post will specifically cover my favorite BM white paint colors – these are some of my no-fail whites so you can breathe easy if you select them for your space – you can also take a look at my free guide that shows you how to select the best paint color for your space – its basically PAINT101, paint selection made super easy so the next time you want to select some color or a neutral, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing!

But before we start, I’d like you to remember some things f you’re planning on going to the store soon!


Sampling is the holy grail when it comes to selecting the right color. And to save yourself from the misery and horror of painting directly on the wall and then having to get rid of it, poster boards are your best friends.

Thumb rule = 1 poster board = 1 sample on the entire board x two coats

Tape it to the wall and keep an eye on it throughout the day to see how the color “behaves” with the changing light. You’ll soon see which one you prefer.


LRV is the Light Reflective Value of paint. It essentially shows how much light the color will reflect on the walls.

Thumb rule = Higher LRV = Higher Brightness

So basically if you want your room to appear light and airy and there’s not enough natural light coming in, select a paint with a higher LRV (at least 70+).






LRV 92.2

Chantilly Lace is a bright, crisp white with just a hint of a blue/gray undertone.




LRV 85.38

White Dove is one of the most popular shades of white by Benjamin Moore.

It’s a very subtle white with the slightest hint of gray, perfect for trim, cabinets and doors.




LRV 90

A warmer white quite similar to White Dove but with no hint of any grays.




LRV 84.61

Decorators’ White is a cool, bright white much like Chantilly Lace.

It works well on trims when paired with grey walls.

Next up, some of my favorite no-fail whites from Jotun Paints, UAE. Stay tuned!


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